Friday, January 15, 2010

I'll Be There For You

When you find your days are bad
And every single moment is sad,
I'll be there to bring a cheer
Because for me you are so dear.

At times when you feel like screaming
While life seems to have no meaning,
I'll be there to calm you down
Because I don't want you to frown.

When you are feeling very blue
and you're confused for what is true,
I'll pray to God to lift your spirits
while I make you smile in minutes.

I'll stand by you when others have gone,
I'll be a shoulder for you to cry on,
Away your loneliness I will send
And all your wounds, I will mend.

I'll help you face your fears,
I'll wipe away all your tears,
When you need, just call for me
And right beside you, there I'll be.

I'll share all secrets and thoughts
Will never let you down at any cost,
I'll be your true friend, you'll see
Not just now, but for eternity.

So when you are upset and gloomy
Don't hesitate to call on me,
Don't worry of what to do
I'll always be there for you...


Raghu's personal blog.... said...
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Raghu's personal blog.... said...

Very nice poem! Keep it up dude..!

Sree Harsha said...

Good one yaar. Checked on your blog after a long time.

Nice thoughts. Hope you'll soon find that someone. :)